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By:  Russell Tobe, M.D.


Dear West Hudson Psychiatric Society (WHPS) membership, colleagues, and friends:

As is often the case, winter time has been quiet for the West Hudson Psychiatric Society. I
sincerely hope everyone, their friends, and families have had a pleasant holiday season and a
Happy New Year. The holiday season was particularly happy for me as we had our baby boy in
December. So, in anticipation of preparing this Presidential column, please forgive gross
spelling and grammatical errors readily attributable to sleep deprivation.
Nonetheless, though WHPS has been in a state of hibernation, we have certainly been breathing
and very much alive. Some recent events have been exciting.

First, given the increasing needs from members and growth of the branch, Scott Wiener has
joined with Dom Ferro to jointly guide membership outreach and coordination. For those of you
who have not met Scott, he is an energetic early-career psychiatrist who recently started practice
in Pomona. With Scott on board, we anticipate a significant boost in membership outreach
coupled to a cultivation of fresh ideas. Welcome, Scott!

Second, Lois Kroplick has been exploring the possibility of educational opportunities in disaster
psychiatry training through the Red Cross or other avenues for interested members in the branch.
Third, our website is still very much a work in progress, please continue to send feedback and
suggestions. (

With respect to educational programming, the DSM 5 meeting initially scheduled for Feb 7, will
be tabled for the time-being due to logistical issues that arose. Nigel Bark and I are coordinating
another meeting date (likely the end of February or early March). This will still be a free event
to all members. For those members in Orange, Delaware and Sullivan Counties, please stay
particularly posted as we are hoping to make this meeting more accessible to you. An
announcement should be out in the coming days.

Also, I wanted to thank Nigel for coordinating with Dr. Ann Sullivan to conduct our Spring
Educational Forum speaker. Dr. Sullivan is now Commissioner of the New York State Office of
Mental Health. She has an exceptional service record in public psychiatry within New York
State. Accordingly, she is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. It should prove to be a
wonderful forum. We are also actively in the process of organizing our fall symposium. If you
have suggestions for speakers, please forward them to me.

So we will wrap up here. Please stay tuned for our DSM 5 training announcement. As always,
forward suggestions and comments to make our branch more efficient and helpful for the
membership to me.


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